About Alessandro Dupré

The passionated approach to drawing and coloring

Background and History

I was born on March 10th, 1987 in Latina, Lazio, Italy, a small town characterized by its rationalist architecture, surrounded by the charming Monti Lepini mountains, and close to the beautiful Thyrrenian Sea – exactly where the Circeo Promontory, narrated by Homer, guards the sea below. These are just a few of the astonishing places that nature reserved for my region, as well as for the rest of the world.

I had a precocious and passionate approach to drawing and coloring, as I remember my childhood affinity to draw horses in particular. My father, an architect and art aficionado as well, introduced me to the exercise of copying from nature. I took my first painting class, thanks to the encouragement and push of my mother, at the age of 12.

Of course the obbligation of secondary school made me transcurate a lot the practice of drawing. Later on I studied architecture at the university, for three years. Once finished, I mustered up my courage and joined the Academy of fine Arts in Rome, to finally dedicate myself to painting, but after almost four years, dejection took over, since the classes of the modern institution just couldn’t please my necessity to understand technique and craftsmanship. Therefore, I decided to distract myself and move to Paris, to learn a new language and to live a life with a modest employment. I can’t tell you enough just how much I was inspired by that city and its heritage! I still dream of returning one day.

While there, I heard about the Florence Academy of Art,

and after taking a workshop with them, realized that that program would have helped me fulfill my desire of understanding a solid drawing method. I joined the school in 2015, and accomplished the entire program. It was an incredible experience and a great proof of training, where I met super talented, inspiring artists and great people. The school is about the understanding and learning about the Classical Method of Representational Painting, and is mostly based on the method of the Realistic School of the past. It’s a method that trains your eyes in understanding forms and light and gives you a tool to translate information from nature.

Nowadays I’m happy and satisfied living in Latina, where, at the moment, I’m planning to dedicate myself mostly to landscape painting.